Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA

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The Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is an innovative, rigorous programme that targets talented, motivated, inquisitive young students. The programme is particularly interesting for students interested in the worlds of finance and marketing as well as budding entrepreneurs.

The students complement their education with a semester-long professional internship at a top-tier company or organisation and a semester abroad at one of the world's top business schools.
  • Start: 04.09.2015
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Price: 14.800€
  • Language: Spanish
  • Thematics: Dirección de empresas
  • Cities: Barcelona
Who is it for
Students in the second year of any type of non-compulsory secondary education (except humanities and art) who have been admitted to the university in the month of June.
Admission process:

- Submit an online application for admission:
- Submit the required complementary documentation, including your academic record for the last four years.
- Take ESADE's admission test.
- Sit for a personal interview if asked to do so by the Admissions Committee.


We believe that financial need should not prevent qualified, motivated students from studying at ESADE. We therefore offer a wide range of scholarships and financial aid.

- Talent Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students with an outstanding academic record who demonstrate financial need. It covers up to 90% of tuition.

- Accommodation Scholarship: This scholarship covers 50% of the cost of accommodation at an ESADE-affiliated residence hall. It is awarded to students from outside of Barcelona province who demonstrate financial need.

- Exchange Scholarship: This €2,500 scholarship is awarded to students with a solid academic record who have been assigned a study-abroad destination and demonstrate financial need.

- University Development Service Scholarship: This €2,000 scholarship is awarded to students who have been assigned to a Solidarity Professional Internship through the University Development Service. Recipients must have an excellent academic record and demonstrate financial need.

- Award for Academic Excellence: This award covers 100% of tuition for students with the highest university entrance marks (9.5 out of 10 or higher).

- Award for Academic Merit: This award covers 25% of tuition for students with a university entrance mark of 9 out of 10 or higher.

- Innovation Award: This award covers 50% of tuition for students with an innovative, comprehensive and committed with society profile and with a university entrance mark of 9 out of 10 or higher.

- Honours Award: This €190 prize is awarded to students who receive honours in a compulsory core subject in the undergraduate programme.

- Family Aid: This aid package covers 10% of tuition for students who have a sibling enrolled in one of ESADE¿s undergraduate programmes.

Student loans:

Students can obtain low-interest study loans that cover the entire cost of the programme. Banc Sabadell offers two options for financing 100% of tuition:

1. Enrolment credit of up to €18,000, with no interest for 10 months.

2. Loan of 100% of tuition, to be paid back over 11 years.

Students may apply for scholarships, awards and aid packages after they have been admitted to the programme.